Maxine is the studio owner and is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor. She has completed her training in Clinical Pilates through Breathe Education, which is an industry leader in evidence based Pilates instruction.

Maxine is passionate about helping people to get moving and achieve their fitness goals. She is also a qualified social worker and has a special interest in chronic pain management.

Group Classes
No group classes at this time, but please see below for the benefits of private one-on-one sessions.

Private sessions
These sessions include the use of Pilates equipment in particular the reformer, wunda chair and spine corrector. They also include a full clinical Pilates assessment and chronic pain assessment. An individual program will then be tailored for you. These are private one-on-one sessions and can also be run for two people who know each other.

If you are recovering from an injury, have recently had surgery, are new to Pilates, haven’t exercised for a while, or just like studio classes with an individually tailored program you may like to consider private one-on-one sessions. For the Duo sessions you must know the second person and book the session together and pay for the session together – the price remains the same for one person as it does for two.

Please go to the classes and contact page for details on booking a session